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Leak Detection & Repair (Video Camera Sewer Inspection)

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Leak Detection & Repair (Video Camera Sewer Inspection)

Don’t Know Where the Leak is Coming From? Call Us and We’ll Tell You!

Toilets flushing slowly, laundry drain backing up, standing water in the kitchen sink, and leaking water are all signs pointing towards clogged sewer pipes and slow drain lines. If you are unable to identify the cause of the problem, do not stress yourself over it, but give us a call.

Our job is to assist homeowners and businesses unearth the problem causing the leak, clogged, and backed up drains. We use the latest high-tech video camera sewer inspection technology to locate the exact location of the leak or problem and solve it.

Our Video Camera Sewer Inspection Technology Beats Old Troubleshooting Methods

Our experts use video camera sewer inspection technology to diagnose issues causing you problems. Inside the camera is an electronic locating equipment. Our plumbers use the locating gadget to locate the origin of the issue.

On our video monitor, you will be able to see what the gadget sees when inside the sewer. Once we have determined the failure points, we come up with the best solution needed to resolve the problem. The solution we arrive at depends on several factors such as the severity of the issue, the state of the pipes, and the location of the failure point.

Usually, we only need to make a spot repair while other times, we may need to use a hydro jet or perform trenchless sewer replacement. In our experience, our video camera sewer inspection has revealed extensive damage throughout the drain and sewer system of older properties with clay, orangeburg, and cast iron pipe. If that is the case, we perform a complete sewer and drain rehabilitation that involves repairing all the lines and drains underneath your property going to the municipal sewer connection.

If You Want Experience, Reliability, and Expertise, You Know Who to Call!—US!

We have handled and successfully resolved several sewer and drain problems using our video camera sewer inspection technology to detect leaks and clogs. For reliable leak detection and repair service in San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland, contact us today.